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Favorite MKE Restaurant

Belair! Good City Brewing is a close second (those curry fries!). 

Astrological sign


Spirit animal

A unicorn with a hibiscus crown.

Favorite belair taco

Z shrimp!

colectivo order

Regular coffee, black (cold brew in the summer). I also love the pure tea! 

mke neighborhood you call home

Riverwest is the best :)


Appleton + Sheboygan, WI - a true Wisconsinite 

hobbies (besides yoga)

Biking, going to as many MKE summer festivals as I can, trying out new restaurants, and spending time by the lake!

Favorite places to travel

Aruba, Hawaii (Kauai), Costa Rica, London, I could go on and on!

what are three things left on your bucket list?

Travel to Bali, hold a sloth, and grow a tequila farm.

Netflix binge addiction

The Office, Madmen, OITNB, Parks & Rec... There are so many!


Kelsey began practicing yoga in college as a way to eliminate stress and stay flexible as she started running. It took a couple of years for her practice to grow deeper and to learn that yoga was not merely stretching or another way to work out, but a way to challenge her body and mind in a way she did not realize was possible. As she started discovering strength and empowerment, both on and off the mat, she decided to deepen her practice and understanding of yoga by getting her 200-hour certification in December 2012 with Live Love Teach™. Kelsey’s teaching is ever-evolving and she loves to find new ways to creatively challenge and connect with her students. Whether they’re flying or falling, she’s there to create a supportive environment and lead them with laughter. She brings calm and intensity to each class she teaches, wanting every student to reach his or her full potential by helping create simplicity in complex poses, ensuring success for all students.
Kelsey decided to combine an MBA in Marketing, her passion for entrepreneurship, and yoga in January 2015 by opening Urban Om in Milwaukee, WI. This has proven to be her biggest challenge and greatest reward over the years as she’s focused on providing a community for teachers and students to help foster their practice and strengthen their ties to one another. As the owner of Urban Om, Kelsey has been honored to work with collegiate and professional sport teams, and has been involved with multiple non-profits including Still Kickin, the American Lung Association, and Susan G. Komen. She also led her first international yoga retreat in 2016 and plans to continue hosting retreats both domestically and internationally.
Kelsey completed her 500-hour certification with Laughing Lotus in New York City, NY, with trainings in New York City and Rishikesh, India.

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